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Preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy nutrition consultation

Are you pregnant and wondering how to meet your nutritional needs in each trimester? Would you like some help from an experienced, registered nutritionist to guide you through it?

What we eat can affect our own health and our baby’s health – both now and in the future. We all want to be in the best possible shape for pregnancy and give our babies the best start. I’ll help you do that with food.

What to expect from this consultation:

In this 45 minute consultation, I’ll talk you through the nutrition you need and help you plan how you can get what you need in a quick, easy and affordable way. Advice will be practical and it’s tailored to you so I’ll work within your likes and dislikes, your schedule and your patterns. I may recommend follow-up sessions if there are lots of things to change, so you can get support with making lasting changes.

I look forward to working with you!

Format and duration:

This is a 45-minute session, held online.

About Aliya:

I am a mum of 3 and a Registered Nutritionist. I have a passion for making healthy food accessible for everyone regardless of their budget and the time they have.

I believe that it is essential to support families in the early years to lay good foundations and for later on because that has an impact on those children’s long term outcomes.

I have 15 years experience working with clients in the NHS, voluntary sector and private practice (through my 2 businesses – Porter Nutrition and Weaning Centre). I have worked with organisations including World Cancer Research Fund, the BBC and the University of Salford to get nutrition messages to the public which are simple, accessible and friendly.

Total price: