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7 days Virtual Sleep Support Package

  • We will arrange a 45 minute virtual consultation , this allows me to have a greater understanding of your little ones sleep challenges and any concerns that you have.
  • I will explain my Coaching methods, you will then have the opportunity to choose the method which you feel is the best fit for you and your family (after our consultation).
  • I will create a bespoke written plan for you to follow.
  • I will guide and coach you via whatsapp/email/telephone for 7 days, enabling you to feel confident and to have me there as your support.


Sleep Coaching Virtual Consultation

  • A 45-60 Minute virtual Consultation will take place at a time convenient for you.
  • We will explore your little ones sleep challenges and any concerns you have  (I will be asking a few questions).
  • I will share tips/recommendations which will benefit your little ones sleeping patterns.
  • A summary will be forwarded to you in writing after our consultation.
  •  Further ongoing support is also an added option.


In house Sleep Consultation

  • I will visit your home and we will explore your little ones Sleep challenges.
  • I will provide you with some tips and recommendations and show you how to approach these methods.
  • This consultation will last 1.5 hours approx.
  •  After our consultation I will send you a summary of everything we discussed during our time together.
  • There is an option for ongoing support/package.


Walk and Talk Coaching

  • We will meet at an outdoor space of your choice and as we walk we will talk about your worries, concerns or parenting challenges- or anything that you want to discuss.
  • This allows you to offload whilst experiencing the calming effects of the outdoors. and exercise is great for our emotional well-being too.
  • This can be a one off session, or weekly/fortnightly!
  • 60 mins duration


Well-being Coaching (Virtual)

  • 50 Minute well-being coaching session via zoom.
  • We will explore any worries or concerns that you are experiencing, giving you a chance to offload. This can either be a one off session or weekly/fortnightly.
  • A summary will be sent to you after our session together.
  • This can be a one off session or a regular arrangement.



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