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You can now book Fiona Ng, a parent coach on bloss, the home of parenthood experts, for a parenting success course

£40 for Initial Consult Call (approx 45 minutes)

£950 for Ultimate Parenting Success Course (x10 weeks)

The 10 week Ultimate Parenting Success course takes parents through a deeply transformational process that requires parents to reflect upon their own childhood looking at how they were raised and how this impacts them today as parents. Not only that but the process provides parents with tools, insights and education on topics such as brain science, child development, emotional intelligence and playful parenting.

Unlike other approaches this is not a ‘behavioural approach’ instead the process helps parents get to the root course of their parenting problems.

  • Weekly one to one coaching calls (approx 60 minutes)
  • On the calls you will have an opportunity to talk through real time struggles with your children and be offered alternative peaceful ways to approaching similar situations
  • A safe space to offload all your parenting struggles. Many parents see the weekly calls as their “self care”. With an opportunity to talk through their feelings, share struggles and concerns with no judgement or advice giving
  • Reparenting is initiated and modelled on each call by Fiona which shows you how to reparent yourself which will not only change your parent/child relationships but also your other relationships
  • An online portal with private access to resources, guides, audios, meditations
  • Recommended reading/audio content based on your learning style
  • You will gain new insights, perspectives and be able to see family situations through a different lens
  • You will start to see what has been getting in the way of having the family life you truly want
  • During the process you will learn how to ‘feel our feelings’ and understand how best to meet your needs. You will become more self aware, conscious and in tune with your mind and body

Need to ask Fiona some questions before booking? You can chat to her via the contact button on her bloss profile

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