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Happy me parenting 1-1 session

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Booking your first call with Happy Me Parenting

During the first initial call, we will chat about all things parenting. What you are particularly struggling with and what outcome you hope to receive from coaching sessions to see if coaching is a fit for you.

Many parents often don’t have a safe space to talk about their parenting without receiving unsolicited advice or judgements from friends and family.

All coaching sessions are private, confidential and there is absolutely zero judgement regardless of what you share.

The aim of coaching sessions is to be able to help you understand your current parenting patterns, create lifelong change and have a more connective relationship with your child.

We can read all the books and listen to all the podcasts but often we need to be supported in our conscious parenting in order to be able to make the big shifts and changes in family life because chances are you’ve read all the books but you still struggle to make the changes you so desperately want to make.

What to expect when working with a parent coach:

  • A parenting coach would look at your family situation and explore what areas you need support in.
  • A parenting coach helps you improve the connection between you and your child.
  • Communication skills will be developed. As you feel seen, heard and validated on your 1-1 calls. This will provide you with a model of how to actively listen and hold space for your own children’s feelings and emotions.

Parent Coaching

  • Would help you have a different perspective of your child’s behaviour, offering insights to invite you to see things through a different lens.
  • A parent coach will provide insights and guidance around self-regulating your own emotions and co-regulating with your children.
  • You will develop skills to help you navigate your children’s big feelings in a peaceful, gentle way.
  • A parent coach will help you explore what needs you have and how you can meet them so you can parent from a full cup, not an empty one.
  • A parent coach will look at your own childhood and how you were parented. Allowing you to see any patterns that are being repeated to help you develop more self-awareness.

Things to be mindful of when working with a parent coach:

A parenting coach is not there to fix you because they do not believe you are broken. A parenting coach will meet you where you are at and help you tap into your inner resources to best support yourself.

Coaching is very different from therapy therefore if complex issues arise during coaching sessions you may be guided to explore alternative therapeutic support. Depending on a person’s needs therapy and a parenting coach can work really well together.

A parenting coach can at times feel like a friend or the parent you didn’t have and they will get to know you and your family situation very well. There will always be boundaries in place to ensure safety for both the client and the parenting coach.

At times you can be triggered when working with a parenting coach. You will be asked questions you may never have been asked before and many feelings can be brought to the surface. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it gives you an opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings and be supported through them.

When you work with a coach you are responsible for your development and growth. A parenting coach will offer different perspectives and help you develop your parenting skills however you are responsible for taking what you learn and implementing that into your family life.

Length of time:

approx 1 hour via zoom to discuss your parenting concerns.

About Fiona 

Fiona NG is a qualified Conscious Parenting coach in the UK, providing help for hundreds of parents all over the World through intensive 121 courses, PAYG coaching and resources that give you the tools needed to improve your relationships with your family.

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