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Dear Doctor, Having Down syndrome is not a problem.

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Clearly, it is important that language used by medical professionals when communicating with families is considerate and respectful. Can I kindly ask therefore that you review your correspondence in which it refers to my child having Down syndrome as being a ‘problem?’

Down syndrome is a genetic difference that a person is born with, and should not be referred to as a problem. It could instead be referenced as diagnosis, the reason for referral, or condition; all of which parents of and people with Down syndrome would consider far more factual and less offensive.

Positive about Down syndrome provides resources to hospitals to ensure expectant and new parents have an understanding of the reality of Down syndrome. PADS works hard to ensure language and attitudes are non-discriminatory or prejudicial. I would
be grateful if you would kindly consider and amend future communication to be respectful to my child.

Thank you