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Empower Your Inner Cheerleader

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Are you your biggest judge, always putting yourself down and telling yourself you should be better? That inner voice is in there…

About this event

Do you have a voice in your head that always puts you down? That tells you life would be better if you were thinner, funnier, didn’t always seem so stressed?

From a very young age we are told how to do things or what we should/shouldn’t do and have all experienced criticism from others throughout our lives.

Sometimes those judgements, those chinks can build up and become insecurities…ones that we get triggered by or even berate ourselves over.

  • I’m not clever enough
  • I’m not funny enough
  • I need to look a certain way
  • I shouldn’t have said that
  • I’m useless

Sometimes these are perceptions and sometimes these are just harsh statements that have formed a negative belief system.

So what if we gave those voices an opposer, someone who’s got our back? You might have a little voice in there or you may not have heard it for a while….but we are going to give that cheerleader inside a leg up!

We are going to explore what’s holding us back, what we find ourselves constantly putting ourselves down for…..and empowering our inner cheerleader to speak up and help us shine from within!

What to expect?

  • A 75 minute session where I will guide you through a powerful awareness meditation and breathwork with relaxation at the end. There will be music to guide you throughout parts of the session.
  • A chance to connect with yourself, to identify and let go of any blocks or limiting beliefs that are in your way.
  • A way to really ignite your aliveness and gain clarity around what is going on for you.
  • You can often feel a range of emotions, clarity around things in your life and connection with your body.
  • Everyone can experience totally different things but often people find that a conscious connected breathwork session can result in better sleep that day and for the following few days, a sense of restoration, improved energy levels, released aches & pains.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Beginners through to those with a regular practise
  • Those who want to connect with themselves, feel compassion for our achievements and actually develop that self-love that we need so much
  • Those who want to let go of limiting beliefs and live a happier and more fulfilling life

Please note I would advise anyone who is pregnant or have experienced schizophrenia, bipolar or epilepsy, have, heart conditions or extreme blood pressure – to consult with a medical professional before doing the usual Conscious Connected Breathwork or to join us in an alternative technique (which I will guide you through)

We are all unique and whatever your experience has been of 2021, let’s work on positive reflection, moving forward and appreciation of what has been good together.

When is it 24th January online 

8pm – 9.15pm 

Total price: