Gently Supporting Successful Separations: Preparing to Return to Work and Easing Separation Anxiety for Little Ones

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Easing Separation Anxiety for Your Little One. Gently Supporting Successful Separations from Parents. This is a guide for parents and educators who recognise that separations from the primary caregiver are a really big ask for little ones. This e-book is suitable for parents and educators of babies and young children from birth to school age.

This e-book will support you if:

  • You wish to understand attachment and why little ones cannot be “too attached.”
  • You would like a better understanding of how attachment develops and why little ones present with separation anxiety.
  • You would like to understand your child’s temperament and how this relates to their separation anxiety.
  • You want to gently start building in short separations from your little one who has a high need to keep you close.
  • You are planning a return to paid employment and you want the tools to give your little one the best possible chance of a successful transition.

In this eBook I will cover:

  • What is Attachment?
  • How to nurture a secure attachment with your child.
    • Can my baby be “too attached?”
    • What does separation anxiety look like? Should I be worried?
    • Separating from 8-18 month olds and general strategies
    • Separating from 16- 36 month olds and general strategies.
    • Understanding temperament
    • Strategies for toddlers who find new situations overwhelming.
  • Coping with Separation Anxiety at Home
    • Normalising and understanding parental preference
    • Using the PACE approach to manage parental preference (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy).
  • Supporting Independence at Home
    • Nurturing independent play for infants and toddlers.
    • Preparing to leave your child in the care of another adult.
  • Transitioning into daycare/nursery/preschool
    • How to nurture an attachment to a new and unfamiliar adult.
    • The first 3 days.
    • The first separation.
    • The goodbye.
    • Supporting connection while apart.
    • The reunion.
    • Filling up your child’s emotional cup.
    • Preparing older children for daycare/preschool.


  • Books I recommend for further reading for parents.
  • Books I recommend parents read with their child.
  • An infographic for parents to share with daycare settings/schools to explain the “successful separations” approach.
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