Healthy Toddler Breakfast Guide

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You’re one smart mama! (or dada, grandparent, caregiver…I’m thrilled you’re all reading this right now)

Make sure to print out this guide or download to a safe place on your phone so you can pull it up easily. Never again will you question what breakfast foods are best for your little one – it’s all right here!

For anyone who identifies as a rule follower…know that these are not the only foods your little one can have for breakfast. The occasional donut or bakery muffin IS okay and does not mean that you have to feel like they just ate junk. What you do most of the time is way more important than what you do on occasion.

My hope is that this guide will simplify your mornings and give you confidence that you’re starting the day off right. Even super simple breakfasts can add a good dose of important nutrients (even ones that come straight from a box)!

My hope is also that you can get a little more sleep, or at least a moment of quiet in the morning. Cheers!

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