No Sugar Still Sweet Recipe ebook

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By purchasing our ebook you are committed to serving your family nutritious foods! They are beyond lucky to have a parent like you. Before getting started, there are a few things to make clear. While this book is about empowering you to reduce your child’s sugar intake, this book is NOT about completely cutting out sugar.

“Real deal” treats are an important part of raising a child who is healthy in body, mind, and spirit. However, treats should be occasional, and intentional. Often times our kids get sugar in places we don’t even realize they are getting it. This book is to help you get in control and limit the excess sugar. And, we want you to have an arsenal of new recipes that are completely added sugar free! There are so many creative ways to use real, whole foods to add natural sweetness. Your kids aren’t going to miss the sugar!

Heather’s recipes will give you the confidence that you are giving them nutritious options that they will still enjoy. Then you can feel good about the “real deal” treats that pop up! page 4 Kacie and Heather X O X O


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