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1:1 Breathwork Session - 'Coming Home' (Postnatal)

“When a child is born, so is a Mother”

This beautiful 1:1 breathwork session is a celebration of becoming a mother and honouring everything that motherhood means.

Gentle movement and stretching (focusing on the scalp, jaw and diaphragm) sound, meditation and a powerful rhythmic and connected breathing technique, will help to boost your immune system, stimulate blood flow and clear and release any physical and emotional tension held within the body, to promote emotional and mental wellbeing post-birth.

This deep and transformative breathwork session gives your body and mind the time to rest and relax, allowing you to be present within that moment, to process emotions. It will bring you to a place of stillness so you can access the primal brain, release that inner lioness and connect to a new level of internal wisdom, creativity and awareness.

From day one, we learn to tap into our inner resources and gut feelings. In the early days of becoming a mother, if you feel like you did not give yourself the chance to heal emotionally, the stored emotions can turn into tension and we perhaps might feel disconnected from ourselves.

It is therefore imperative that we give ourselves the time and space to step out of our head and into our bodies, enabling us to be in a place of receptivity so we can tap into those internal resources and powers and reconnect with ourselves.

Birth itself is a transformational life event that we need to process. Within a safe space, mothers will be encouraged to share their birth stories, allowing them to do so and feel heard. Birth can also leave mothers feeling disconnected within the pelvis area, or tension is held here. This session is curated to symbolically help close this space.

To get the most out of this 1:1, I recommend attending from six weeks postpartum, however, it is open to all, so even if you gave birth six weeks or six years ago, you can still benefit.

This is Coming Home.


My name is Kelly, and I’m a breathwork facilitator based in London or remotely. I’ve worked in the wellness industry for five years and before that I worked in the music industry, I’ve blended my two passions; breathwork and music to create a sensory experience.

My journey with breathwork began in 2018 when I fell pregnant with my daughter and studied hypnobirthing. It was through this that I was able to personally experience how breathing techniques were able to help keep me calm, change my state of being, and aid me into desired ‘zones’

I love working with everyone and understanding your unique story, with both new or experienced breathers. I do however, have a particular interest in female breathing and how this changes throughout the cycle and post menopause.