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Ask Beth a Question about Sleep

Do you need a quick and expert answer to your sleep question?

Not sure how many naps your little one should be taking and for how long they should be?
Struggling how to extend short naps?
Little one only settling for one parent?
Think you may be approaching a nap drop?

I can help with:

  • Age specific nap timings and lengths to support a full nights sleep
  • Advice on how to extend the dreaded cat nap
  • Looking at bedtime routine and how both parents can be equally involved
  • Step by Step nap transition plans, taking out the guesswork for you

Once you have checked out, you will be automatically sent to our bloss messenger. When submitting your question please include as much relevant information as possible including your child’s age and any relevant medical history. To access your chat again, head back to your account and messages.

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