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Ask Ruth Lue-Quee a Question!

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In need of some guidance on milestones, inclusion or play ideas for your children?

Ruth Lue-Quee is a mum of one, highly qualified Educational & Inclusion Consultant (MEd, BEd, QTS, NPQSL), award-winning teacher and founder of ‘My Mummy Teacher’. She is passionate about teaching, learning, play and inclusion within EYFS and KS1. She is an experienced trainer and consultant and also has extensive experience teaching a wide range of children having been a senior leader in both mainstream and specialist provisions, most recently as a primary school Deputy Headteacher.

Ask Ruth any question about your child’s developmental milestones, inclusion support or play ideas and she will personally reply with advice and tips, within 24 hours.

Once you have checked out, you will be automatically sent to our bloss messenger where you will be connected directly with Ruth. When submitting your question please include as much relevant information as possible including your child’s age and any relevant history. To access your chat again, head back to your account and messages.