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FREE Webinar: Baby Sleep Fundamentals

Baby Sleep Fundamentals and Q&A

Join us for this FREE online Webinar and Q&A with Sophie Wilkinson, certified Sleep Consultant and Specialist Health Practitioner for Children.

Date: 13th July 2023
Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Who is it for? Parents of 0-3year olds

About the webinar: When navigating our baby’s sleep there are several things we can do to optimise their sleep. Join us on this webinar exploring everything from sleep environments, wake windows, set schedules, bedtime routines and much more. Also have your chance to ask questions about your own child’s sleep.


  • To understand and optimize your baby’s sleep
  • To find the best wake window or sleep schedule for your child
  • To recognise when your baby’s sleep associations might be negatively affecting their sleep
  • To ask your question around your child’s sleep and get your specific questions answered during the webinar
  • To empower you to make informed choices about your child’s sleep
  • To have contact and information about how to gain further 1-2-1 upport if and when required
  • To improve your families sleep

About Sophie:

Hi, I’m Sophie, a Mum to two beautiful boys and a Mental Health Practitioner for Children. After having my first (sleepless) son, a new passion arose in me…which now sees me as a fully Certified Sleep Consultant, here to help and support YOU and YOUR family.

The first of my two beautiful-sleep-fighting-warriors simply could not settle himself and also had allergies and reflux to contend with. I was unable to soothe him…what?! A mum who can’t settle their own child?!…A mum who would rock, feed, sing, carry, drive, walk, ANYTHINGGGG to get her child to sleep…Yep that was me! He desperately wanted to sleep.

It used to leave me asking questions like:

“Is it normal to have no control over my babies sleep?”

“What am I doing so wrong?”

“Why do I feel so alone?”

“Why is he fighting me to go to sleep?”

“Is this my fault?”

“Is it only me who is not enjoying being a mum?”

At times, I questioned my own mental health during the sleep deprivation I experienced with my first child, and everyone wanted to offer me help with his sleep. However… (no offence to family members and friends reading this!) the only advice that ever helped was from a sleep expert who came up with a bespoke sleep plan for my son.

Because you are here reading this, you too may be experiencing sleepless nights with sleepless babies and you only want the best for your child and your family.

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