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Book a consultation with Claire Walley

A twenty minute discovery call, to discuss yours or your children’s needs.

During this call, parents are invited to share your concerns and story with The SEN Expert regarding your child’s special educational needs, developmental history, school and any other relevant factors. The SEN Expert will then offer parents advice – this covers legal rights, information on the neuroscience behind your child’s needs and strategies to support change (if needed). We also offer a listening ear and try to support parent’s emotional needs too.

What you’ll gain from this call:

  • Advice on your child’s rights with regard to education, funding and outside agency support
  • Emotional support from an expert in the field
  • Strategic advice to use with your child at home and at school

Who is this consultation suitable for?

This call is for both Parents and Professionals – children do not need to be present.

Before the call, please prepare a summary of the child’s story to date.

Following the discovery call, the SEN Expert can advise if further support calls are required as well as offer support with paperwork, applications and advocacy.