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Free Downloadable Game: Counting for Out and About

Going on a long journey with little kids? Worried about how to keep them occupied? Want some ideas to keep your little ones entertained with something educational, without resorting to screens?

Then our FREE downloadable game ‘Counting for Out and About’ is for you!

When you are out and about, it’s easy for your children to get bored. These pages can be used for car journeys and when out and about in a cafe, on a train or at a friend’s house.

It can help your child connect with their environment and observe what there is to see – from cars and lorries to spiders and flies. You can print them off in this size or make the printouts smaller in pocket size.

About The Practical Child:

As experts in child development, we support families and caregivers with their child’s movements, sensory development and mastering of new skills, thus encouraging children to engage in the activities that they want to do.

These can be activities such as playing with friends, joining in sports, cooking, handwriting, organisational skills, dressing and potty/toilet training. For babies, it may be working on rolling or sitting and achieving developmental milestones.

We also support parents and caregivers of babies and children needing extra support, for example, those born prematurely, children with a range of conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down Syndrome as well as children with coordination difficulties. In addition to this, we can assist with child behaviour improvement strategies.

We are so excited to share our knowledge, passion and experience with you to support your child’s progress.