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Enchanting Learning Phonics and Storytelling Cards - Set 1

Phonic Cards with a Storytelling element designed to ignite enthusiasm for learning while boosting creativity and understanding.


More about our Enchanting learning Cards…

Suitable from Age 3 for early reading skills right through to Age 10 for independent, creative writing support.

Welcome to a magical learning experience designed to ignite the imagination and increase enthusiasm for learning. With a combination of unique imagery and dynamic learning opportunities, our Enchanting Learning Phonics and Storytelling Cards are a must for the forward-thinking home or classroom.

Designed with growth in mind, each set of cards supports learning experiences from early reading to independent creative writing (Age 3 to Age 10). We hope for families and schools to have the cards to hand for a multitude of situations and have created them to be timeless and engaging for all ages.

Perfect for the first steps into early reading and phonics with lasting relevance as your child learns and progresses.






Our products always aim to be as sustainable as possible and although suitable for any English-speaking country, everything is made here in the UK with parents, teachers and most importantly young learners in mind.


Set 1 has all you need to get started with supporting the journey into early reading and literacy. The cards have been designed by an early literacy and phonic specialist with hand-drawn images presented on thick, sustainably coated card.


Educational value and style colide and result in a product you’d happily have on a coffee table or within a carefully curated learning space.

Set Two and Three are launching soon and contain the full range of sounds needed for phonics as well as more enchanting images ready to set the imagination souring.


Product Information  

Each card is printed using vegetable ink onto thick rounded edge card using a biodegradable laminate.

The cards measure 120mmx120mm and display a vibrant image on one side with phonics and storytelling information on the other.

The images are hand drawn by our illustrator Kate who creates a memorable and enchanting feel. Our graphics are created by Liv who makes sure of appropriate type face, colour combinations and dimensions for small hands and eyes!

Set 1 cards contain:

  • Instructions for each element of the card including our sound stars and wiggles.
  • The first 26 phonic sounds needed for early reading
  • Hand hand-drawn illustrations with words to represent each sound
  • Two sets of practise words (real and pseudo)
  • A memorable alliteration ‘mind hook’ phrase
  • Capital letters introduction
  • An enchanting story/conversation starter

Our website is designed to support the use of the cards with hints and tips for varied use as well as competitions and challenges for older users who want to develop their creative writing skills.

These cards are designed to complement any phonic curriculum and are equally appropriate for home and school use.

                  Some Wonderful Reviews of Our Learning Cards!

” These learning cards don’t only look magical, they work like magic too. Having been busy with them for only a couple of days now, I can honestly say they have brought a sense of true joy to our phonics journey. Kiki is picking things up so quickly now and has already made incredible progress with her phonics! They are not only a great help to my daughter, they also are so useful to me as a ‘teaching’ mother. I didn’t really know how to go about helping her to learn to read in a fun and constructive way before I got this set. Zoe is so incredibly helpful when I have questions, which brings great added value. I can not recommend The Phive highly enough. Thank you for turning phonics into such a positive and fun experience for us. “

             Iris De Kan – Mum to Kiki Age 5


“My daughter is using these beautiful phonics cards and they have sparked her imagination and creativity beyond my expectations! So much so, that she wants to create a writing club at school!”

                     Vicki Alford- Mum to Jasmine, Age 9


” We are having loads of fun with them (the learning cards), I can really see how they’ll grow with her too and I imagine she’ll be using them for several years’ time just in a different way. The teacher in me very much approves of them!”
Amy – Mum to Tilly Age 5 and Primary School Teacher.


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