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1:1 Food Safety when Weaning - Confidence Power Hour

Beginning the weaning journey is such an exciting time… But, in amongst the excitement of all the new flavours your baby is ready to explore, it’s normal to feel a little anxious! Babies and young children don’t have the same immune system as us adults (or even older children) so we need to make sure we’re extra careful with their little tummies!

It is estimated that there are 2.4million cases of food borne illness in the UK every year. To help give you the confidence you need to wean your baby safely, then you can book a 1:1 power hour session with Jenna (aka The Food Safety Mum!). This session is ideal for those at the start of their weaning journey but can easily be adapted to parents with little ones of ANY age.

Each 1:1 session will cover….

  • How to safely prepare those first taste purees
  • Safe food storage; tips to keep your food safer and fresher for longer
  • Understanding food labels; which ones can you ignore?!
  • A complete guide on cooking, reheating & defrosting
  • Handling your leftovers
  • Time & Money saving tips for busy parents
  • Answering the most common questions when it comes to weaning… including “How do I know if I can freeze this?!”

Along with a chance to get any of your burning questions answered!

In this 1:1 session, Jenna is on hand to give you the knowledge you need to make sure the food you serve your little ones is safe… Helping you to relax and enjoy all of the messy stages of weaning with confidence!

Session details:

This session lasts 1 hour

The session is held virtually and is a 1:1 workshop

Total price: