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Little Orange Book of Knowledge - Down syndrome

We are very aware from our own experiences, that in the early days, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed – potentially coming to terms with the news your little one has Down syndrome, and perhaps feeling unsure about what that entails, what your baby’s future will look like and indeed your own and that of your family.

Some new parents find themselves without any information or support, whilst others are bamboozled with information from medical professionals about actual or potential health concerns.

There’s obviously loads of information online but we wanted to provide you with a one-stop overview about some of the services your little one will be able to access, language you may not be familiar with and offer any help we can.

If you take away just one message, please let it be – you’re not alone, we understand and we care, and we’re here to guide and help you…We have a super supportive team of admins all here to help, all parents of a child or young person with Down syndrome, so we absolutely understand where you are coming from and equally importantly, where you’re going!

Some, like me, discovered their little one has Down syndrome after birth and struggled big time as shared in my TEDx talk, others knew in advance.

We know that there is no right or wrong emotion and that no question is a silly question. We also have a wonderful team of experts on hand to offer their extensive experience and knowledge. So, sit down, take a deep breath, and know that you’ve got this!

We’re here to help you every step of the way and are honoured to be a part of the amazing journey you are embarking on – the road may sometimes be a little bumpy but the views are amazing – enjoy the ride!

Nicola and the team at PADS