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Supporting children with their behaviour


This online instant access workshop is for parents who want to feel confident in managing behavioural challenges of all kinds in infants, toddlers and children; with and without additional special needs.

The workshop is spread out over three sessions, each prerecorded video is about one hour in length.

  • The first session will talk all about trying to understand your child and what their unique profile of strengths and areas of difficulty might be. By doing this we can begin to understand what our child might need in a given moment and begin to understand why they might be engaging in certain challenging behaviours. Parenting programmes often talk about lots of different tools and strategies to use with our child, but unless we understand what is happening for our child and for ourselves as parents, we will be unclear what tool or strategy they might need in a given moment.
  • The second session is all about trying to prevent challenging behaviour from occurring. Once we know why it is happening, then we begin to develop tools that will work for our child in that moment to help them to regulate their needs and reduce the likelihood of challenging behaviour occurring.
  • The last session is all about considering a response for the child when they do engage in challenging behaviour. We talk about the need for a consistent response and discuss how we respond to them can actually help decrease or increase this behaviour from occurring again the future.

This programme works really well for children of all ages and children with or without additional needs. The focus as mentioned is on the unique profile of your child and your relationship with them so for this reason, it helps parent and child relationships of all kinds.

Parents complete this instant access programme in their own time by watching the prerecorded videos. There is also the option to add yourself to an online chat forum with other participants which some parents find helpful

Group Discussion

This program is connected to a group. You’ll be added once you join the program.

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