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Managing Difficult Behaviour

The package allows access to the handouts for the workshop ‘Managing Difficult Behaviours’. By purchasing the handouts you can read through the material for this workshop which for many parents may be enough to support them to make changes.

There are three handouts;

  1. Is all about trying to understand behaviour, why does it occur, what does it mean and how can I begin to understand it’s meaning for my child.
  2. We then move on to looking at using our understanding of the behaviour for our child to begin to start preventing challenging or difficult behaviour and begin to use certain strategies to help our child communicate with us in a more effective, a way that minimizes behavioural difficulties.
  3. Lastly, children will be children and there will be days and times where their behaviour is challenging. Learn all about how to respond appropriately to this behaviour, so that you are not acting in a way that may result in you reinforcing certain behaviours from occurring again.
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