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Online Sleep Training Course - 5 Months to 4 Years

Is your child waking frequently at night? Are they struggling with day naps? Are you dreading bedtime because you know it’s going to be a struggle? 

Our gentle sleep courses – aged from 5 months up to 4 years – will help you identify what is causing these frequent night wakings, and provides you with a gentle but effective day-by-day sleep training programme to help your infant sleep better and longer.

We never use ‘crying it out’ and you will be with your baby or toddler every step of the way as you teach them to be a content and independent sleeper.

The course is split into 3 age groups:

  • 5-11 Months
  • 12-23 Months
  • 2-4 Years

The course contains the following:

  • 10-day gentle sleep training programme.
  • Advice on how to setup your child’s sleep environment.
  • The importance of a bedtime routine and how to implement a successful one.
  • A detailed full day routine with clear guidance on when naps should be and how to extend short naps.
  • It also helps you with common milestones such as dropping naps, sleep ‘regressions’ and much more.
  • It’s packed with videos and tools to make it simple to follow at your own pace.
  • A full Support Hub with FAQs and Troubleshooting.

Expected Outcome:

Your child will be able to settle themselves to sleep by the end of the course. Once a child can self-settle, bedtimes will become easier, sleeping longer stretches at night more possible and increased consistency around naps. Improved sleep will improve your child’s mood, temperament, cognitive development and feeding.

Price: £39

*Once purchased, The Daddy Sleep Consultant team will be in touch to provide you with instant access to the course.

Total price: