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Practical Ideas to Help Prepare your Child for Reading

Looking for fun and practical ways to help prepare your child for reading?

You may be wondering about how to best support your child as they head towards the age and stage when they will be learning to read. It is very important that children are comfortable with learning to read and that early reading is presented in the right way in order to build confidence.

The reading journey begins way before a child looks at print on a page and it is very important to establish a confident and comfortable start. Becoming a fully rounded reader means developing a wide range of skills.

As a former teacher with over 20 years of experience and a specialism in phonics, I would always advocate for fun activities presented in a relaxed way. Spending time at home, building confidence with things like rhyme and knowledge of letter shapes will give an excellent foundation on which to build once your child starts school.

Our downloadable ‘Get Ready to Read’ PDF gives practical tips for gentle, fun and memorable activities designed to build confidence and set a positive attitude toward learning to read.


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