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Read Do Develop: Rainforest PAPERBACK BOOK

A beautiful picture book designed by experts in child physical and sensory development. Each page includes a carefully selected activity to help develop a particular skill of child development with fun and engaging activities, questions and facts you and your child will love.

Did you know that crawling like a jaguar builds shoulder stability, that in turn helps children with things like fine motor skills (drawing, hand writing, using scissors, using cutlery to name just a few!) Shoulder stability is also important for ball skills and sports! Or did you know that scratching your opposite arm like an Orangutan works on an important skill called crossing midline? Crossing midline is important for things like tying shoe laces and writing across a page.

Well don’t worry if you didn’t know this, as we do! And that is why we have created the Read, Do, Develop Book series.

What is the Read, Do, Develop Series?

The Read, Do, Develop book series is a collection of bright and engaging picture books designed for children 3-7 years (and older if they still want to!) Using our expert knowledge of child development as a specialist childrens Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist we have carefully selected movements and activities that are fun but also work on developing key skill areas.

This 32 page paperback book is jam packed full of bright exciting images and fun activities your child will love!

Aimed at children aged 3-7+

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