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Removing Night Time Feeds For Babies Over 1 Year Old | Downloadable Guide

Discover how to end the ceaseless demand for milk feeds through the night, whether they are by breast, bottle or both!

Many parents who have not followed my Sensational Baby Sleep Plan from the beginning may find that their child continues to expect feeds during the night for months or even years longer than is necessary, thus causing much disruption to the whole family’s night time sleep.

Though there is much debate on how long night time feeds should be continued, my opinion is derived from research that shows the natural digestive needs of a baby at around 3 months of age determine that all the nourishment required should be given during the 12 hours of daylight, thus allowing for the baby’s system to rest, grow and rejuvenate throughout the 12 hours of night when they should be sleeping.


  • Preparing to remove night-time feeds
  • Gradual Dilution & Reduction of Night Time Milk Feeds –
  • Gradual Dilution & Reduction of Night Time Milk Feeds – Bottle Feeding
  • Sleep Training for Toddlers

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