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Blissful Breastfeeding Support Package

For mamas determined to breastfeed, the Blissful Breastfeeding Support Package gives you the best breastfeeding support available – with continuity from pregnancy through birth and the first month of your baby’s life, plus the reassurance of knowing you’ve got ongoing expert support only a phone call away.

This package is not just for first time mums. Perhaps you’ve breastfed before but had issues in the past and you’d like to avoid that experience again – then this is for you too!

The Blissful Breastfeeding Support Package Includes:

  • One antenatal consultation in your own home (within the Suffolk / Ipswich area) to discuss needs/concerns and previous difficulties, as well as teach you techniques to prepare for breastfeeding, how to build a good milk supply, what to expect from your newborn and how to position/latch your baby to ensure breastfeeding is pain free .
  • phone call within 24 hours of your baby’s birth to discuss your breastfeeding journey so far and assist with any complications which have arisen since birth.
  • A postnatal visit  within the first five days of your baby’s birth to assist with positioning and latching, assess your milk supply and baby’s weight, deal with any complications which have arisen and answer any questions you and your partner may have.
  • A second postnatal visit at around 2-3 weeks to assist in establishing your milk supply, reassess baby’s feeding and weight gain and set you on the path to a successful breastfeeding journey!
  • Unlimited email support for six weeks post birth to discuss any concerns, update your feeding plan and provide reassurance throughout your first six weeks as a new parent.
  • + you’ll receive a copy of Alissa’s 50+ page e-book The Expectant Parent’s Guide to Breastfeeding. Here you’ll find step by step guidance through the first week of your baby’s life, plus advice on latching, feeding, expressing, newborn weight loss, common feeding challenges and more!

Booking Notes:

We will usually hold your antenatal session between 28-35 weeks. After booking, Alissa will be in touch to arrange your appointment.

*This package includes home visits available for mums in Suffolk/North Essex. If you would like support outside of this area please get in touch with Alissa to discuss virtual options.

Price includes travel within a 15 mile radius of Ipswich, beyond this a small charge for travel will apply. Total cost based on your location will be sent to you after booking.

From £250