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Get Ready to Pop! An Online Antenatal and Yoga Course

Online Pregnancy yoga and childbirth education – Aimee’s most popular course with a global reach!

This is your deep dive into all things birth. A jam packed course with a holistic focus incorporating the heart, body and mind. We work with our breath during yoga to help us connect deeply and intuitively with our feminine energy and birth wisdom to help us feel strong and connected along this rite of passage.

It is fun, interactive and fresh with the mission to make you feel like a total birthing goddess: informed, confident and excited about pregnancy, birth and motherhood whilst also creating a wonderful circle of women to support and nurture you as you grow.

Course Content:

  • Positive birthing
  • Intuition and instinct and how to trust this
  • Your breath
  • The physiology of birth (‘Power to the Pelvis!’ and biomechanics of birth)
  • Birth Space and Birth Team
  • Chakras in Childbirth
  • Visualisations and Affirmations
  • The Fourth Trimester

Course Objectives:

  • Whatever your reason, Get Ready to Pop! A Modern Online Ante-natal Course, will provide you with key information and knowledge to enhance your birthing experience and will act as a guide along this incredible journey through pregnancy and beyond.
  • It is the perfect course for anyone wanting to know more about their amazing bodies during this magical time of creation, to realise how birth can be.
  • It is a chance to journey inwards and understand how to connect with your inner birthing wisdom and build trust in this amazing process.
  • This physiological process over time has been made more and more medicalised in our technological age but now more than ever we need to remember how holistic the birth process is and what we can do to make birth better.
  • We want you to feel confident and calm, knowing what it truly means to step into your divine feminine power.

Course delivery and cost:

  • 6 week course, held online

  • £220

Total price: