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Glow's Holistic Birth Handbook

Goddess, this is for YOU!

This is an initial guide to preparing for birth holistically. Birth is not just a physical event, it is a rite of passage and an extremely connected experience betwixt the heart and soul too. It is something that stays with you a lifetime and will be relived every birthday you celebrate for your child until the end of time. You will be born too into this role of mother and it is time we began to honour this power.

We live in a culture that spends thousands on weddings but very rarely are we encouraged to invest in our birthing experiences, and it is something that is becoming more and more medicalised unnecessarily.

So, today I am inviting you to invest in your birth, your rite of passage and prepare for the transition from maiden to mother. It is beautiful and hard, gorgeous and challenging, all at the same time and is an experience we are losing touch with.

What is the birth handbook?

This handbook touches on some practices and rituals to help you connect with baby and the process of birth before you perhaps decide on an antenatal course or the offerings of a doula.

Download this handbook for ideas on journaling, dream birth board making and rituals to help with the emotions and sensations of pregnancy.

Learn to release your fears as you call to your inner guide on this wonderful pathway. We were never supposed to travel this childbirth journey alone so join the Glow Community and begin this walk home.

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