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Pregnancy to Parenting Video Support Guide - 'What to Expect in the First 6 Months'

This course is for you, if you are expecting and want to prepare practically and emotionally for those early months with your precious baby. Here, you can access evidence-based information about what is normal in terms of new parent feelings and emotions, baby development, sleep and more. Unlike many expectant parent resources, this course will also help you to prepare positively for the unexpected, as no two babies are the same. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, then this is the perfect present for someone who is about to start their journey as a new parent.

This is the course that tells you what the antenatal classes don’t tell you. It isn’t about creating a birth plan, or how to change a dolls nappy, it is about the real things that happen once you become a parent, and how to support you through some of the more difficult and unexpected things you may encounter.

Here are a few quotes from parents who have done this course:

‘You’ve created something really special’ Lauren

‘Watching the videos made me realise I wasn’t alone’ Paige

‘No-one fully prepares you for what to expect and what is to come, but Nicole has put me at ease by explaining in simple terms how to tackle certain situations any parents will be faced with’ Em

‘I felt empowered by Nicole’s videos. she makes me feel like ‘I’ve got this, I can do this and everything is going to be OK’ Sophie

‘I would recommend this course to any soon to be new parents, it really is worth its weight in gold’ Heather

”The videos are informative, concise and can be accessed on the go (mostly when in the bath or breastfeeding in my case). The information is conveyed in a kind, friendly and reassuring way and easy to dip and out of. I have particularly watched the sleep videos multiple times this week, they have been invaluable, helped develop my confidence and I now have a much deeper understanding of my babies needs and how to meet them. I’m now much better rested and calmer as a result.’ Amanda

The following topics are covered:

Preparing to become a parent

Normal new parent feelings

Skin to skin and oxytocin

Creating attachment

You can’t spoil a baby

Can babies soothe themselves?

Why is sleep important?

Safe sleep and safe co-sleeping

What to expect in the first month

What happens between 1 and 3 months?

Sleep and development between 3 and 6 months

Understanding your baby’s sleep cues

Flat head syndrome and torticollis

Seated settling

Winding and reflux

Will starting solids early help my baby sleep?

How and when to transition your baby into their own room

Preparing children for the arrival of a sibling

Safe Pregnancy Sleep Natal Comfort

All about Birth Trauma from Mixing Up Motherhood

Knowing your pregnancy/maternity/paternity and return to work rights with People Happy HR

How to support your body while pregnant with Bump to Beyond

What’s normal and not so normal with your postnatal body from Bump to Beyond

The Importance of Pediatric First Aid with Mini First Aid

Your baby’s learning journey from pregnancy onwards by OLIIKI

Your new baby and learning the role you can play in their development by OLIIKI

Additional support ideas you may not have considered

Once you login, you have access to watch all the videos instantly. You can listen on the go, or enjoy watching while you new baby naps on you. In total there are over 5 hours of videos to watch, however, they are all short, easy to digest videos that you can watch at various stages of your journey. I must stress that this is not going to give you medical advice, however, it gives you overviews of certain things to look for and directs to experts in their field and governing bodies should you need more specific support. This is support that without the knowledge provided in this course, you may not know to look for it, or where to look.

This is the start of a journey you can take with Nicole from Baby2Sleep. Nicole had a very difficult start to parenthood, and the support she has created has come from a place of passion to make a real difference to the Nicole she was at each of the various stages in her journey. She aims to help parents from the beginning of their journey through to their child being 6 years old and support them through the various and normal challenges they face. 5 years of study and practicing as a Holistic Sleep Coach, along with knowing the very personal impact that sleep deprivation and lack of support can have, you can know you are in safe hands with Nicole.

Nicole has been studying and practicing as a Holistic Sleep Coach for babies and children for 5 years and has undertaken multiple sleep and behaviour courses in that time. Nicole continues to study as she believes that no-one knows everything and that knowledge is power, so the more she learns, the more she can help, and this also means you get to benefit from up to date evidence based information by going on this journey with her. Nicole has a unique ability to read, see and hear beneath the surface of your problems which helps her give advice and support personal to your own unique situation.

Nicole has won the following awards:

Theo Paphitis’s SBS award,

Jacqueline Gold’s WOW award,

Twitters Queen of Developing Bonds,

Twice winner of Lux Life Magazine’s ‘Most Trusted Baby Sleep Coach’, UK 2020 and 2021 for my online courses.

‘Most Inspirational Parental Support Coach’ in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022 hosted by Global Health and Pharma.

Nicole has also been featured in the Manchester Evening News, The Sue Atkins Podcast, BBC, ITV, Metro News, GBN News, The Sun, Health Times and more with even more to come.