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Online Antenatal Refresher Course for Second babies and More

Specifically designed and tailored for parents who have previously had a baby, this antenatal course is a refresher for all those preparing for childbirth, covering everything you need to know before welcoming your next baby into the world.

If this is not your first pregnancy, chances are you’ve hardly had a chance to consider or even begin preparing for childbirth and the journey you are about to take, as you have been so busy caring for your family and juggling many responsibilities.

You may also feel that your needs at an antenatal course are slightly different from first-time parents. You are likely familiar with many of the processes and concepts and don’t have the time to spend on a long detailed course.

That’s why at The Birth Collective, we are proud to have created our online antenatal classes specifically designed to offer a refresher to parents in their next pregnancy.

Still comprehensive, but with refined and relevant information from experienced professionals and your common questions answered.

Why Parents Choose Our  Antenatal Refresher Course:

Even though you have gone through the experience of childbirth already, many parents decide to undertake antenatal courses for subsequent births for many reasons, including:

  • To learn methods that ensure a more positive experience of birth this time.
  • Refresh their understanding of preparing for childbirth such as when to go to the hospital and what pain relief options are available.
  • For a basic introduction to hypnobirthing from experts.
  • Practical advice and solutions surrounding how to care for a newborn alongside another child.

What To Expect From Our Refresher Antenatal Course

Here at The Birth Collective, we have completely tailored our antenatal course to parents who have experienced childbirth already, to help prepare for their journey.

Our online antenatal classes are focused on making your birthing experience as stress-free as possible, providing relevant and expert advice on what to expect this time around. To assist you with preparing for childbirth, we provide you with extensive information on your birthing options, how this experience might differ from previous births, and how to handle this:

  • Preparing for birth and the onset of labour
  • An introduction to hypnobirthing
  • When to go to hospital
  • Options for pain relief
  • Access to our live virtual pregnancy and postnatal support circles
  • Postnatal recovery and breastfeeding basics
  • Introducing your baby and managing with a newborn and other children
  • Your common questions answered by our panel of experts

Our panel of highly experienced doctors and midwives work alongside you throughout your journey to provide first-hand experience and support so you can feel more confident as you approach the next part of your parenting journey, because The Birth Collective is here to help.

How Our Online Antenatal Classes Help Your Birth Journey

Here at The Birth Collective, we believe in providing diverse and unique support no matter the stage you’re at on your birthing journey.

This antenatal refresher course will provide you with a reminder of the process of birth, an understanding of the birth options ahead of you, and allow you to prepare and relax by listening to our panel of practicing doctors and midwives.

We think that knowledge is power and so that is what we aim to provide. Our antenatal refresher classes aim to educate all about what to expect from when to go to the hospital if this is where you plan to birth and expectations when you arrive, through to strategies to help you through labour and a reminder of postnatal recovery.

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