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Postpartum Healing Preparation˚ for Birthers Without Doula | Personalised Ayurveda for Postpartum Healing

There is so much awareness for *planning birth*… But where is the support when baby is no longer safe and sound in the womb? It’s time to expand our focus and bring holistic support into the 4th trimester.

This session offers you all the resources you need for the 4th Trimester packed with *personalised Sacred Healing* but without having to pay for the labour-intensive services of an IRL Doula.

  • This session is perfect for birthers who have decided to move into their 4th Trimester without postpartum Doula.
  • Together we will make a full spectrum plan that includes all of Ayurveda’s key elements for Postpartum Healing, tailored to your unique situation.
  • Includes herbal preparations, postpartum nutrition journal, lactation support, how-to’s, to-do’s, reminders and on-demand guidance
  • Two hours over zoom.

I’ve said it. You can enter the 4th Trimester without a postpartum Doula and still feel supported. Even I had to do this after giving birth in the midst of the pandemic. All it takes is hands-on preparation so your sacred nest is ready for you and your baby to bond, heal and ground once you’ve given birth. To be honest, I feel the benefits of a thorough “sacred window” planning exceeds the benefits of planning for birth. Simply because unlike the event of birth which is a highly unique experience from birth to birth that co-depends on unpredictable things like timing, circumstances and the available resources, the 4th Trimester is something you can actually plan for.

Things we will work on include but are not limited to:

  1. Choices: who do you want to include in your intimate space of healing?
  2. Dialogue: how can we prepare them so they can best support you?
  3. Body Work: I want to empower you to help heal your own body by working with herbalised oils, aromatherapy and a handful of Ayurveda’s Marma Points (similar to acupressure)
  4. Lactation Support: herbal tea, self-massage and home remedies to regulate your milk flow and prevent severe discomfort
  5. Medicinal Foods: Ayurveda has a holistic, gradual approach to postpartum nutrition. This session includes sample menus, a shopping list and things to look out for to prevent postpartum constipation and optimise cellular metabolism for postpartum regeneration.
  6. Vaginal Healing: I will walk you through the 3 common practices for vaginal healing assisted by a blend of western and ayurvedic herbs
  7. Belly Wrapping: we will talk about the basics. You can opt-in for a live how to call.

The Rituals you will receive are inspired by the Ayurvedic Tradition but tweaked to make them your own. Their soul purpose is to add significance and celebration to the first few weeks of your baby’s life.

Ritual is important. Besides the sense of celebration, it also helps us mark a specific time in our lives as special. It adds the significance it deserves and works amazingly well with the high levels of oxytocin your body is likely to have at this time. I would be honoured to inspire you with some of Ayurveda’s traditional rituals after birth, and am happy to discuss how we can tweak this idea’s to make them your own.

Virtual but a little IRL

Getting all the things in place for your Baby’s arrival can be stressful. That’s why I set up an interactive dashboard for my clients with resources like shopping lists, formulae and foundational recipes. From week 38 I will be on call for a complimentary guidance session over Zoom.

You will Receive:

  • Personalised Abhyanga Routine + suggested herbalised oil recipe to prepare your body for birth & healing.
  • Your routine is tailored to meet your Mind-Body Type and pre-existing concerns.
  • Selection of Medicinal Tea, Healing Rituals, the basics of Postpartum Nutrition and shopping list. Examples are: Yoni Steam, Belly Wrap, Doshic Lactation Tea’s, Meditation and Breath Work.

Gift: Generic Postpartum Food Guide
+ Optional: Personal Planner with Reminders

Add On’s (on inquiry)

  1. Herbal Formula Supplies and the preparation of your Yoni Soak, Peri bottles or Steam for Vaginal Healing
  2. Sacred Nutrition: a six-week meal planner
  3. Help with your Belly Bind: picking the right fabric and a call for Belly Bind Support
  4. Ask Me Anything Package: on-demand support after delivery per What’s App, Telegram or Text. Voice Memo are welcome here too.