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Private Mindful Hypnobirthing Workshop

What is Mindful Hypnobirthing?

Mindful hypnobirthing teaches you how to easily access a deep state of relaxation for exactly when you need it, removing fear and anxiety and allowing your mind to work in harmony with your body.

I will teach you how to boost your natural endorphins and the other amazing hormones that make labour and birth easier and more comfortable, no matter what your birth plan is or the eventual path your birth takes. You will feel positive, relaxed and calm when you think about labour. Have confidence and trust in your body and mind and the instincts to do what they’ve been designed to do.

Happily, it also helps to create wonderfully chilled-out babies too. My focus is on providing knowledge, practical tools, and simple yet powerful hypnosis techniques so that mums and partners can fully prepare for their unique, calm, positive birth. It’s a real privilege to enable couples to have a wonderful experience they will always treasure.

Workshop delivery:

This is a private one to one class for you and your chosen birth partner, tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

This can be delivered either in your own home (within 90mins of Peterborough) or online, over three two-hour sessions on the days and times that suit you both best.

Total price: