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The LETO Postnatal Check

At LETO we believe a postnatal assessment is a critical component of postnatal recovery and must become the standard care for all women.

We recommend you attend your postnatal check 6-8 weeks after childbirth, however better late than never!

What to expect during the consultation:

  • discussion regarding your concerns and short & long term goals
  • medical history review (your pregnancy, labour, postnatal recovery and past medical history including medications and emotional issues)
  • an internal vaginal examination to investigate the impact of pregnancy and labour on your pelvic floor
  • evidence-based assessments and functional tests to assess your posture, pelvic alignment, biomechanics, abdominal muscle recruitment & pelvic floor strength

Treatment may include:

  • a prescribed pelvic floor program
  • use of ultrasound to provide realtime biofeedback and to optimise your pelvic floor and abdominal recruitment
  • functional training for optimal and effective recruitment of the pelvic floor muscles
  • manual physiotherapy
  • a tailored rehabilitation program with or without app-based, at-home exercise prescription
  • lifestyle recommendations

Following your 60 minute appointment you will receive your LETO postnatal report, any supplementary information that will be helpful for you, and a detailed pathway to achieve your pelvic health and fitness goals.

Total price: