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The Parenting Essentials Toolkit

The Parenting Essentials Toolkit is best described as an onboarding for new parents and parents-to-be. It contains all the knowledge, resources and tools you need to feel confident and prepared when you’re about to take on your new role as a parent.

The toolkit consists of evidence-based knowledge from leading experts around the world, brought to you in short videos and handy PDFs so you can get the info you need in a time-efficient manner, without the overwhelm.

The toolkit is focused on the first year with a baby and covers a broad range of topics including sleep, nutrition, breastfeeding, birth & postpartum, hygiene & health care, first aid, clothing, safety, play and more.

We recommend going through the toolkit at least once before giving birth and then reviewing each module on a needs basis. If you have a partner, we recommend going through the toolkit together so that you can both feel equally confident and prepared to care for your newborn baby.

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