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Birth Preferences Template - The Positive Birth Company

Thinking about making a birth plan but aren’t sure how to start or what to put on it?
Birth preferences are a great way to confidently communicate your wishes for the big day. At around 34 weeks, your midwife will ask to go through your ‘birth plan’ with you. We don’t like to reference this as a plan, as birth can sometimes be unpredictable but being prepared will help you feel empowered and in control.
Filling the preferences out with your birth partner will ensure they are fully involved with the birth and can advocate for you when the day comes incase you cannot.
The template is a digital editable PDF or if you prefer you simply print it off and fill out by hand. Share a copy with your midwife weeks before your estimated due date and have a copy to hand in your hospital bag.

Sample Birth Preferences Template

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