The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan

Packed with tips, hints and reminders, case studies, charts and a daily journal to help you keep track of your baby’s progress. The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan is a step-by-step, must-have manual to ensure sleep for you and your baby.


From the author of the hugely successful The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan.

A follow-up guide, helping parents to handle sleep issues in toddlers and children aged over twelve months.

With clear and realistic advice on how to:

*Implement the fail-safe reassurance sleep-training technique
*Establish healthy bedtime associations
*Understand your toddler’s development
*Implement a routine through responsible and positive parenting
*Manage changes such as moving from a cot to a bed and travelling
*Cope with dietary intolerances and acid reflex that might affect child’s ability to fall and stay asleep
*Introduce a new baby into the family and deal with sibling issues

This book will get your child – and you! – the sleep you need!

Book cover the Sensational Baby Sleep Plan

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