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1:1 Online Sleep Solution Package (3 months to 3 years)

Struggling with your little one’s sleep? Are frequent night wakings, night feeds or baby’s need to be held keeping you awake at night?

This is most popular package and is for any family seeing short naps, night wakes, bedtime battles, difficulties self-settling and early wakes.

This consultation includes:

  • Full analysis of your child’s sleep routine and sleeping environment
  • 90 minute video consultation
  • Bespoke Sleep plan
  • 2 weeks follow up support
  • A going forward email designed to help you navigate nap schedules as your little ones gets older

About Sophie:

Hi, I’m Sophie, a Mum to two beautiful boys and a Specialist Health Practitioner for Children. After having my first (sleepless) son, a new passion arose in me…which now sees me as a fully Certified Sleep Consultant, here to help and support YOU and YOUR family.

Baby Sleep the Night changed our lives. From having no life, no routine, no sleep and not enjoying our new roles of parent and son, to having a child who slept through the night, who was happy, who was able to learn, a family that was thriving…not just surviving (barely). After three nights of doing this plan my son slept through the night. Seriously…slept all night long and continued to sleep all night long on the 4th, 5th, 6th nights and beyond!

When the opportunity came for me to help others get the sleep they so desperately need I did not hesitate to train as a Baby Sleep the Night Certified Consultant.

This will change your life just like it did mine and all you’ve got to do is follow the plan!

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