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4 Month Sleep PROgression guide!

This guide is for any caregiver of a child between 3-6 months looking for a guide on how to survive the four month sleep PROgression!

It covers what this PROgression is, why it happens and what you can do to support your baby’s sleep through this, usually, rather unsettling time.

What is the 4 Month Progression?

It is when a baby’s sleep pattern changes which causes them to wake more frequently, sleep less soundly and /or struggle with napping. Not all babies experience it. It can happen from around 4 months old but it can happen as early as 3 months and as late as 6 months. If your baby is between 3-6 months old and you recognise some or all of these changes, your baby is most probably going through the 4 month sleep progression. It usually lasts anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

This guide will help you to help your baby through this often challenging time, and equip you with strategies to help them learn healthy sleep habits from a young age.

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