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Bespoke Telephone Clinic - £350

This service has the same premise as the Telephone Clinic, however, I will send a brief questionnaire before our call to ensure that we can make the most of our time on the phone.

This package is a great option for parents who are feeling at a loss as to how to deal with their child’s behaviours. I will help you tackle an issue that you are unsure of how to positively affect. We will first speak on the phone or via Zoom, in order to give me a foundation to build a personalised and in-depth questionnaire upon, (this questionnaire has replaced an in-house observation, therefore your answers become my eyes and ears).

Once you have had the chance to implement my advice plan, we will book a final call to discuss any necessary tweaks and progress made. In addition to this, you will have access to unlimited email support, relevant to the original issue in which you booked this package for.

I am so proud to say that his package has provided a GREAT deal of support to families throughout all of the lockdowns, across England and internationally also!

A note from Laura about her pricing and package options:

It’s incredibly important to me that parents feel comfortable with the service they have chosen. Every family has their own unique circumstances and set of requirements, which is why I have tried to create an array of options. (All services can be used in a preventative manner, as well as from a problem solving perspective).

I am so aware of the trust, financial outlay and hope that goes into each and every one of my bookings. My top priority is to help, therefore if you have any questions about any of my services please do not hesitate to ask!

All of the services listed cover Sleep Disturbances, Behavioural Challenges, Potty Training, Selective Eating and Children’s Emotional Development.

Total price: