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Bloss Newborn Curated Package: 34+ weeks of pregnancy & the fourth trimester

Congratulations, expectant parents! This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who is due a baby very soon. We have you covered with all things newborn related – giving you access to:

  • Multiple Sleep Consultants – covering 0 – 12 weeks and dummies
  • Lactation specialist + Midwife 

Bloss has curated some of our most trusted experts to make it even easier for you to get help and advice on your parenting journey. We offer you easy, digestible guides and direct access to our experts through our ‘Ask the Expert’ feature. This feature gives you access to our team of experts, allowing you to ask your own question if you should need further support.


Experts included in the package:

The Positive Birth Company Birth Preferences Template

bloss parenting expertBirth preferences are a great way to confidently communicate your wishes for the big day. At around 34 weeks, your midwife will ask to go through your ‘birth plan’ with you. We don’t like to reference this as a plan, as birth can sometimes be unpredictable, but being prepared will help you feel empowered and in control.

The template is a digital editable PDF or, if you prefer, you simply print it off and fill out by hand. Share a copy with your midwife weeks before your estimated due date and have a copy to hand in your hospital bag.

Newborn Sleep Consultation for 0-8 week old babies, The Daddy Sleep Consultant. 

Bloss parenthood expertWhat’s included?

This is a 1-hour video call giving you everything Chris wish he had known about sleep before becoming a Dad, to help you lay solid foundations for your baby. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have around sleep for your baby. Included: Chris’ Antenatal & Newborn online course (worth £29)

How does a baby massage help them sleep?

In this selected article, Chris gives advice on how baby massages can help your baby sleep and through this purchase you will be able to directly ask Chris a complimentary question for any further tips and support. 

Tiny Baby Routine by Sleep Consultant, Heidi Skudder


A Routine for a 6 – 12 week old baby, based on Heidi’s extensive experience working with hundreds of babies of this age.

In this downloadable guide you will get direct access to ask Heidi a question for any further tips or support.  

Expecting a baby? Planning to breastfeed? You’ll need this book by Alissa Pemberton!

Alissa Pemberton Bloss parenthood expertsThis book has everything you need to know! Written by experienced midwife and lactation consultant, Alissa Pemberton, this book is a compilation of years of experience working with new and expectant mums. A day by day guide to the first week of breastfeeding.

In this downloadable guide, you will get direct access to ask Alissa a question for any further tips or support. 

Dummies …. should you or shouldn’t you?! Sarah Patel

This is a question Sarah Patel gets asked often. In this downloadable guide, Sarah will cover everything you need to know about Dummies: the Pros and Cons of introducing a dummy, tips on how to use dummies, safety guide lines on the use of dummies, and tips on how to wean your little one off the dummy.

In this downloadable guide you will get direct access to ask Sarah a question for any further tips or support. 

Baby Flashcards, The Practical Child

Bloss Parenting Experts

Babies can focus best with high contrast images like black and white. One of the first colours they can see is red. The downloadable flashcards included are designed by The Practical Child – experts in child development – to help stimulate your baby’s vision.

A Guide To Reflux, Sophie Farman

In this selected article, Sophia gives advice on Reflux and through this purchase you will be able to directly ask Sophia a question for any further tips and support




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