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Sleep Consultation with Unlimited Support for Children Aged 5 months to 4 years

Struggling with your baby or toddler’s sleep? Frequent night wakings? Difficult bedtimes? Daytime routine not set up as you would like?

This sleep package is aimed to resolve these challenges and it includes:

  • 1 hour video consultation
  • Full analysis and review of your child’s current day and night routine (2 to 4 days of routine logs required)
  • Identification of existing problems and going through a plan on how to resolve them
  • Bespoke sleep training programme and full-day routine
  • UNLIMITED support via WhatsApp / phone / email until you’ve achieved your child’s sleep goals
  • Same price for multiples, e.g. twins, triplets
  • Do you have more than one child with sleep issues? Additional sibling programme and support for £100 supplement

Virtual support means that we can begin working together in a matter of days. It also means we are on the end of the phone whenever you need us, wherever you are in the world.

Expected Outcome:

We will look to achieve your sleep goals for your baby or toddler, whether that be a reduction in night wakings, a better daytime routine, sleeping through the night or Dad being more involved, for example. Each family’s sleep goals are personal to them and we will work with you until you achieve these.


Total price: