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Bronze Package Sleep Consultation with Rebecca Ashton

Struggling with your little one’s sleep? Wondering how you can ever get them to self-settle or sleep through the night? Looking for gentle, no-cry techniques to help the whole family have a better night’s sleep?

You can book Rebecca Ashton, a qualified sleep consultant, for video consultations to support you and your little one through any sleep challenges you may be facing.

Bronze Package Details:

  • A detailed questionnaire and 48hr diary to assess your child’s situation
  • Phone Consultation
  • Personalised Plan
  • Two follow up calls to support your journey
  • Cost: £150

Other packages available – please return to my expert page to see other options.

About Rebecca:

I’m Rebecca, a certified sleep consultant. Having worked closely with families for more than 10 years I have noticed the most talked about topic amongst parents is sleep.

How long are they sleeping? How early do they wake? Are they restless?

Sleep is something parents crave most. It’s well acknowledged that neither parents nor children can function on limited sleep. I can help you to implement the foundations needed for happy, well rested little ones. Getting little to no sleep is not something you have to ‘put up with’ and doesn’t have to be ‘part of being a parent’.

Sleep training has come a long way since the ‘cry it out’ method was used. We can improve both your sleep and the sleep of your little one using gentle, no cry techniques, enabling you to tend to their needs whilst teaching them independence and providing safety and security.

Total price: