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Overnight Sleep Support (Home Visit) with Sophie Wilkinson

If you’re asking yourself any of the following questions, you might be in need of some overnight sleep support to help with your little one’s sleep:

“Is it normal to have no control over my baby’s sleep?”

“What am I doing so wrong?”

“Why do I feel so alone?”

“Why is he fighting me to go to sleep?”

“Is this my fault?”

“Is it only me who is not enjoying being a mum?”

Sleep Consultant, Sophie Wilkinson has been there with her own children, and now as a fully qualified Baby Sleep the Night Consultant, she is able and willing to help YOU if you are struggling with your baby’s sleep and don’t know where to look for help.

The Overnight Package (£905 + travel)

  • In-depth questionnaire to assess your child’s sleep situation
  • Phone consultation
  • Overnight support to implement the plan
  • Personalised Sleep Plan
  • Sleep Log
  • 2 weeks of phone/email support
  • A going forward email to outline future nap times and durations

About Sophie:

I’m Sophie, a Mum to two beautiful boys and a Specialist Health Practitioner for Children. After having my first (sleepless) son, a new passion arose in me…which now sees me as a fully Certified Sleep Consultant, here to help and support YOU and YOUR family.

The first of my two beautiful-sleep-fighting-warriors simply could not settle himself and also had allergies and reflux to contend with. I was unable to soothe him…what?! A mum who can’t settle their own child?!…A mum who would rock, feed, sing, carry, drive, walk, ANYTHINGGGG to get her child to sleep…Yep that was me!

Then, Baby Sleep the Night changed our lives. From having no life, no routine, no sleep and not enjoying our new roles of parent and son, to having a child who slept through the night, who was happy, who was able to learn, a family that was thriving…not just surviving (barely). After three nights of doing this plan, my son slept through the night. Seriously…slept all night long and continued to sleep all night long on the 4th, 5th, 6th nights and beyond!

Because you are here reading this, you too are experiencing sleepless nights with sleepless babies and you only want the best for your child and your family. If my story sounds familiar and you’d like to turn your family into a thriving, sleep loving one then please get in touch.

Total price: