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FREE Dummy Guide - Should You or Shouldn't You?!

Dummies, Pacifiers, Soothers…whatever you choose to call them, the question is should you be using them or not? What are the benefits and possible downsides?

This FREE dummy guide is a comprehensive how-to with advice from a qualified sleep consultant about the following key issues:

  • How to use a dummy
  • The pros and cons of dummies
  • Safety guidance
  • Tips on how to wean your little one off the dummy

About Sarah:

I am a certified sleep consultant for babies and young children. I have a BSC in Cognitive Science, PGCE in Primary Education and an MA in Education.

Before having my own children I taught in an inner-London primary school and experienced first-hand how vital sleep, routine, consistency and setting boundaries are to giving children the right environment to learn and thrive.