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FREE Red Flags Sleep Guide

This guide is all about red flags and sleep . It outlines some possible reasons why occasionally a little one’s sleep should be investigated further. This is not intended to scare anyone, only to inform and, as always, to encourage you to trust your parent instincts.

*Please note this guide does not replace medical advice.

Most children will not have a significant underlying pathology to explain their sleep patterns. However, occasionally there is a reason why some babies wake up and these are actually due to underlying issues that may require the help of a medical professional.

This guide aims to provide you with some insight on what these underlying issues could be.

Trust your instinct, research shows that parent instinct is very often right. If you think something more is going on, it’s quite possible you’re right! If your little one is over the age of one (or possibly younger) and they are experiencing hourly wake ups which have been going on for several months, it could mean that your child has an undiagnosed tongue tie, is experiencing discomfort from food sensitivities or digestion concerns, they may need to be seen by an ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) to have their airway assessed.