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Mini Sleepers Maxi Package

Struggling with your little one’s sleep and need some ongoing support to help you through the process? If so, my Maxi Sleep Package is for you!

Who is this package suitable for?

Suitable for babies from 6 months to children up to 4 years of age

What’s included in the package?

  • Online Sleep questionnaire and diary to be completed prior to the consultation. This is an opportunity to tell me all about you and your child, the sleep concerns and goals.
  • A 60 minute consultation via telephone/zoom/facetime. During this call I will go through any questions I/you have regarding the questionnaire, share with you the science and knowledge of infant sleep, so you can feel empowered with the ability to make whatever choices you want for your child. I will discuss the various options for managing the sleep difficulties and support you in making the decisions about which plan is best for you and your child.
  • Bespoke Sleep plan – based on the outcome of the consultation I will create a sleep management programme for you to follow.
  • Email and WhatsApp support for 2 weeks* -1x 30 minute phone call to be used within 3 weeks of starting a sleep plan

*terms and conditions apply regarding contactable hours.

About Sally from Mini Sleepers:

Hi I am Sally a mum of two gorgeous girlies. I am an advanced infant sleep consultant and an occupational therapist.

I have always been passionate about sleep and helping people with their sleep issues. Within my role as an NHS Occupational therapist, specialising in pain management, I have helped many of my adult patients with their sleep.  

My passion for infant sleep, began after my eldest daughter Darcey was born. I researched and informed myself of everything there was to know about infant sleep and put into place a routine from very early on. Darcey slept brilliantly. I thought I had it all figured out until Delilah came along. During a light bulb moment, I realised that my children were different and I needed take a different approach to managing her sleep issues. By getting her into a good routine and putting some healthy sleep habits in place I was able to resolve sleep issues quite quickly.  In 2021, I decided to pursue my interest in sleep further and obtained my level 6 OCN certification.

I recognise the importance of sleep for the wellbeing of the entire family and how making small changes can make a huge difference. Sleep is a biological necessity; we all need it. I want to empower parents to have the confidence to shape their child’s sleep and to no longer endure endless nights of sleep deprivation.

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