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The Fox Package

Looking for expert sleep advice and some 1:1 ongoing sleep support?

Discover what could be impacting your child’s sleep – and have a plan to solve it.

60-min phone or zoom consultation



For parents who feel something is amiss with their child’s sleep – and they want to get to the bottom of it. Whether your older baby frequently wakes at night or you need a way of moving away from unsustainable habits, want to reduce tears at bedtime and generally make things easier! If nothing seems to settle your baby and you’re feeling desperate for answers, or you just want some help on how to improve your child’s general sleep, this will give you a clear plan of action.

This 1:1 is for you if you want to understand more about your child’s sleep and how to improve it and receive a holistic plan of action. With once-a-day email support for one week, I’ll make sure you are supported and have a plan that fits that is tailored to your family and child’s needs.

Personalised Step by Step Plan that includes:

  • advice on specialist support needed (like tongue tie assessment)

  • & individual recommendations to move towards your sleep goals once your child’s underlying problems have been resolved


1 week of email support (one point of contact per day, that you will initiate).

Total price: