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The Cub Package

Looking for expert sleep advice?

Emily Whalley is a qualified sleep consultant and the founder of The Fox and the Moon Infant Sleep Services. She offers a range of packages to suit the differing needs of families and ages and needs of children. Please see her profile for full details.

Get a little reassurance about your child’s sleep with a 1- hour call with your chosen practitioner.

Suitable for those families who have one or two specific pain points such as help with early rising or split nights.

60-min troubleshooting phone or zoom call

Perfect For:

For parents who just need a little reassurance. Perhaps your baby sleeps okay but you want to chat over something your Great Aunt Tilda said regarding ‘self-settling’ (clue: she’s probably wrong!). Maybe your toddler sleeps through at night but fights naps in the day? Or you’ve got your return to work around the corner, so you need help with another caregiver settling your baby.

This 1:1 is for you if your gut tells you that nothing major is going on and your child is fairly content… but, even so, you’d like to get some expert advice on child sleep and perhaps learn some tips to meet your family’s sleep goals.

Total price: