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1:1 Breathwork Session (Open To Everyone)

Working one to one together, we can explore breathwork using both functional and state-enhancing techniques of breathing.

Dependent on one’s needs and how long we work together, the general flow of sessions involve the following:

  • Analysis of your current breath pattern so we can flag any dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • You will gain a good understanding of the breath and how it affects the nervous system
  • Learn how to use the breath as a tool to enhance your physical and mental health, performance and emotional wellbeing.

We’ll use a functional and a powerful breath technique called ‘conscious connected breathing’ which is a continuous and rhythmic style of breathing. We’ll breathe to carefully-selected music and sound frequencies to enhance one’s conscious state and induce complete relaxation, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and releasing any physical or emotional tension we are perhaps holding onto.

We may use additional techniques throughout sessions including movement, use of sound and toning and meditation.


My name is Kelly, and I’m a breathwork facilitator based in London or remotely. I’ve worked in the wellness industry for five years and before that I worked in the music industry, I’ve blended my two passions; breathwork and music to create a sensory experience.

My journey with breathwork began in 2018 when I fell pregnant with my daughter and studied hypnobirthing. It was through this that I was able to personally experience how breathing techniques were able to help keep me calm, change my state of being, and aid me into desired ‘zones’

I love working with everyone and understanding your unique story, with both new or experienced breathers. I do however, have a particular interest in female breathing and how this changes throughout the cycle and post menopause.