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Breathwork Bundle - Calm, Resilience and 3 minute SOS

Breathwork is an incredible tool to calm yourself instantly, give yourself a little space and ground into the present moment.

There are so many benefits to doing this regularly; just 3 minutes a day is enough to get real health benefits such as improved variable heart rate, lower blood pressure, improved sleep and reduced stress.

Doing longer sessions (10-20 mins) a couple of times a week can help to heal, process and transform. Doing these will be a catalyst for creating new neural pathways, aka changing our automatic stress responses (e.g. from road rage to calm driver).

This bundle is a great way to get started with breathwork; the three minute can be done daily with the other two during the week (before bed is a great time to do the calming one!)

What you get:

12 minute Breathwork for Calm

  • This one is great when you have a window of time that you can just centre, close your eyes and access the instant calming effects that these breathwork techniques bring.
  • This one is also a great one to listen to when you have a newborn and are breastfeeding in the night.

12 minute Breathwork for Resilience

  • This one is for those times where you feel like you are juggling so much and just need a bit of headspace and a break.
  • Grounding, encouraging and calming.

3 minute SOS breathwork

  • For the times where you just need (and can only take) a few minutes for yourself – perfect for busy times like School holidays where life is chaotic (in the nicest possible way) and you don’t have much time for you!
Total price: