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Attend this 30-minute webinar all about surrogacy in the UK and international surrogacy. We will be exploring all the reasons why people turn to surrogacy as well as an overview of the current UK law, clinic options and the approximate costs associated with surrogacy.

Parental Order applications in the UK have quadrupled since 2011, making surrogacy more common practice than ever before. This understandably brings up many questions, including:

  • With more UK clinics offering surrogacy treatment, how do you even know where to begin?
  • How do you choose a surrogacy clinic?
  • Which surrogacy organisations can assist you in meeting a surrogate?
  • What countries are best to approach?
  • How much does surrogacy cost?
  • Is surrogacy legal in the UK?

Michael takes you through these questions, helping you to understand how to support people on a surrogacy journey.

Why is important for employers to support their employee surrogacy journey? 

When my husband and I had our own children through surrogacy in the UK, there was a real lack of support, not only within the corporate field, but generally, and there’s a huge misunderstanding within surrogacy. And we wanted to change that by creating a nonprofit organization that would guide and support and take people on a journey to parenthood through surrogacy.

It was that lack of current organizations that were there to support people the way we wanted to support everybody with the amount of expert advice, and clinical and professional support. And that’s My Surrogacy Journey® was founded.

I think it’s really important to support employees and employers in the workplace, especially when it comes to surrogacy and family building through surrogacy. I had very little support from my own employers and having children through surrogacy, especially when you’re a non-birthing person, is really challenging.

Supporting employers and employees to understand surrogacy better is definitely something that we’re passionate about doing in ensuring everyone’s on the same page when it comes to the family building through this way.

About Michael.

Michael who is the co-founder of My Surrogacy Journey® and is the father to Talulah and Duke both born via UK Surrogacy.  He and his husband Wes launched My Surrogacy Journey® in 2021 with a view to improving the support offered to intended parents, surrogates and known egg donors in the UK. Since 2016 they have helped over 320 people become parents. They also have a Podcast to accompany their non-profit.  My Surrogacy Journey – The Podcast can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

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