Basic information

Corinna Bordoli is hosting a 30-minute online webinar about how employers can support their staff with menopause awareness workshops and training, aimed at improving staff wellbeing and retention.

32% of women consider leaving their job during the menopause. Corinna’s corporate menopause awareness training workshops equip management teams and employees with the knowledge and skills to remove the stigma around menopause and help them manage their perimenopause and menopause by offering information, resources and support.

About Corinna:

Corinna is the founder of CocoRio, Β a creative childcare service. She volunteers for the Daisy Network, a charity supporting women with premature menopause or POI and she is also a women’s health and menopause advocate and coach. Corinna has recently featured onΒ This Morning, raising awareness on Premature Menopause with Dr Louise Newson.

This online webinar is free to attend and it’s for anyone interested in learning about the importance of supporting perimenopausal and menopausal women in the workplace, and what you can do to create a cultural change.